The Story of the Cork Showgrounds

 Thu, 23rd Jun, 2011

Author: Kieran McCarthy

Copyright: 2011

Keywords: history

Munster Agricultural Society
The Story of the Cork Showgrounds

Kieran McCarthy


With roots in the early nineteenth century, the Munster Agricultural Society has had a long history, being founded in 1806 under the name County of Cork Farming Society, changing to Count of Cork Agricultural Society sometime in the 1830s, and evolving in 1908 to its current name.

The Society has evolved as the needs of its members changed over time to incorporate what they saw as relevant to the contemporary, and future of, agriculture in Ireland. Each successful season is immortalised on the Society's minute books, on the Society's perpetual tournament trophies, and on the numerous photos that adorn the scrapbooks held in the Society's archive collection. The Munster Agricultural Society has been a pioneer in attaining improvements in Irish agriculture and agricultural education. 

This book is its story told through a rich historical and an evocative pictorial record set against the backdrop of the historic Cork Showgrounds.