1940 Special General Meeting Minutes (October 19th)

 Sat, 19th Oct, 1940

Author: Munster Agricultural Society

Credits: Munster Agricultural Society

Copyright: Munster Agricultural Society

Keywords: 1940, Minutes, General Committee

Special General Meeting of the members of the Society held at 3p.m. at the Clarence Hall, Imperial Hotel, Pembroke Street, on Saturday, 19th October, 1940, with Mr. E.J. Clarke in the chair.

Present:  Rt. Hon. Lord Mayor, (Ald Wm. Desmond) Messrs F.G Hayes, N Hayes, J.S Henderson, J.Lehane, E.Wall. 

The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed. 

On the motion of the Mr. N.Hayes, seconded by Mr F.G. Hayes, the following cheques were recommended for payment to the general committee. 

CHEQUES: Me Lanoid, Ltd. £4.17.11. Ha rington, Goodies, Wall. £12.0.0; J Mangan £1.16.6;
Brennan's, Ltd. £2.12.0; Hartes. £2.17.10;
J.Ellis. £10.0.0; Cork Corporation (Rates) - £87.10.0; Water Rate £3.4.5; 
Telephones £7.10.9; Eustace & Co. £20.0.0; 
Prizes - Autumn show- £88.0.0; Wages - £46.3.4.

Communication from SECY. of commission on voicemail organisation. 
A communication was read from the secretary of the commission on voicemail organisation, stating that the commission is at the point of examining the position of the various organisations engaged in or associated with agriculture, and he had been instructed to write to ask your society to be good enough to supply the commission with a memorandum embodying:- 

(1) The facts concerning your organisation; date of origin recruitment, membership, how far it includes all members of your particular branch of agriculture, objects, powers and privileges, activities, success attained, etc.;

(2) Any suggestions or proposals which your organisation may wish to make for extension of powers, an increase of status, consultation by the state, or public bodies, etc: 

(3) Any views your organisation may wish to express as to how it may fit into a wider vocational grouping, co-ordination with related or ancillary agricultural and other organisations etc. culminating in a functional council or a vocational chamber. 

Memorandum of Society work to be prepared: 
It was unanimously decided, on the motion of Mr. E.Wall, seconded by Mr F.G Hayes, that the president, Mr A. Moore, and the secretary should prepare a memorandum of the society's work on the above lines. 

                                                                                                    E.J Clarke
                                                                                                       Nov 9th 1940