1940 General Committee Meeting Minutes (March 16th)

 Sat, 16th Mar, 1940

Author: Munster Agricultural Society

Credits: Munster Agricultural Society

Copyright: Munster Agricultural Society

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Meeting of General Committee held on Saturday 17th of February, the President, Mr E.J. Clarke, in the chair, also present professor C.Boyle, Messrs N.Hayes, T O'Sullivan, A.H. Moore, E.J. Cussen, J. Daly, M.R.C.V.S, A Mullins, J.O'Regan, J.Henderson, T.O'Brien, T.J Spillane,P.J Good, H.S Hayes, J.Lehane, W.Richardson, M.Ryan, M.Twomey and A. Morrison, Hon Secretary. 

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

Letter from minister for Agriculture.
A letter was read from Dr.S.Ryan, Minister for Agriculture, asknowledging receipt of a letter dated the 19th inst., containing resolutions passed at a meeting of the General Committee held in February regarding increased price of milk to Creamery Suppliers and to removal of restrictions in the marketing of pigs. The letter stated the Minister had noted the terms of the resolutions. 

New Member
On the motion of Mr.Hayes, seconded by Mr.P.O'Connel, Mr.D.Broderick, of Drumcollogher, was elected a member of the society. 

Prize List - Summer Show
The president informed the members of the Committee that the prize list for the forthcoming Summer Show would be under consideration of the Show Committee on Saturday, 30th March, and that any views of the members would be appreciated. 

Mr. Mullins' suggestions 
Summer Show. 
Mr. Mullins suggested the inclusion of a class for Children's Ponies, ponies to be about 12 hands high, and the secretary stated that this and some other members at a Meeting of the General Committee held in July, 1939, and that such suggestions would be brought to the notice of the Show Committee. 

On the motion of Mr. E.J. Cussen, seconded by Mr. M.D.Hosford, the following cheques were pass:-

Prizes - Spring Show ...                £153.10.0;
''Farmers' Gazette''                       6.0.0;
C.O'Gorman (Income Tax)           7.16.3;
Imperial Hotel                              15.0;
Metropole Hotel                           1.1.0;
Fodder                                         10.10.3;
Do. (Kennefick)                            1.19.0;
K.Houston                                    2.15.0;
Electiricity                                     6.0.5;
Petty Cash Payments                  3.
Rates                                           87.10.0;
H.J.Potterton (Wages)                 2.0.0;
P.O'Keeffe (Wages)                     2.16.10;
Wages                                         46.0.0.
                                                                                          E.J. Clarke