1891 General Committee Meeting Minutes (September 5th)

 Sat, 5th Sep, 1891

Author: Munster Agricultural Society

Credits: Munster Agricultural Society

Copyright: Munster Agricultural Society

Keywords: 1891, Minutes, General Committee

Meeting of the General Committee dated September 5th, 1891, with J. Byrne in the Chair


W. Roberts

R. Newman

A.G Warren

Capt. Woodley

S. Logan

J. Morrison

W. McDonnell

D. Donegan

G. Walton

J. Harrington

W.H Beamish

J. Donovon

R.H Hayes

J. Ahern

J. Jones

Capt. Newenha

The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. 

The following gentlemen having been proposed at a former meeting were elected members, General Bowles, Hon. A. Roche, William Stawell, William Wakeham, J. Farmer, W. Ahern, D.P Sullivan, Mr. Kennifick, J. Collins, D. Lucey, R.W Huston, James Donovon, and J. Bird. 

The following were proposed for membership, William Smiddy, Kilbarry, Cork, proposed by Mr. Russell, seconded by Col. Shuldhum, Charles Murphy, Passage West, proposed by Capt. Newenham, seconded by J. Ahern, B Payne, Monkstown, proposed by J. Byrne, seconded by J. Ahern, S. Roche, proposed by J. Ahern, seconded by J. Donovon. 

On the motion of Col. Shuldhum, seconded by Mr. J. Ahern, it was decided to adjourn the meeting until that day week out of respect for the late Mr. J.H Gallaway. 

Captain. Newenham proposed and Mr. J. Donovon seconded, it was unanimously decided that the secretary be directed to write a letter of condolence to the relatives of the late Mr. Gallaway. 

                                                                                                              James Byrne