1889 General Committee Meeting Minutes (July 6th)

 Sat, 6th Jul, 1889

Author: Munster Agricultural Society

Credits: Munster Agricultural Society

Copyright: Munster Agricultural Society

Keywords: 1889, Minutes, General Committee

Meeting of the General Committee dated July 6th, 1889, with the President in the Chair


Col. Aldworth

F. Harrington

R. Good

J. Ahern

C. Garfit

L. Bogue

J.H Galway

J. Donovon

A.J. Foster

L. Kergie

J.G Hare

W.R Meade

W.H Barry

R.D Hare

R.H Fitzgerald

W. Roberto

L.A Neamish

A.C Warren

R.H Hayes


J. Garde

R.E Longfield

Dr Sullivan

J. Love

R Newman

R Baxter

J Byrne

J Reid

The minutes on former meeting were read & confirmed. 

The following sentence having been proposed at a former meeting were elected members. Mr Gordon, M. Michelli, B Lurph, J. Bowels, H.Boyle. 

Read letter from Royal Dublin Society Asking to society to improve the distribution of Butter allocated to the South of Ireland the district where to be placed within 10 miles of Dungarvan & Rathkeale. Mr Meade decided to approve provided the Royal Dublin Society covered the expense. 

On the motion of Mr Donovon it was decided by 13 votes to 8 that the show for selection of the Hallows be held on the last Wednesday of September. 

The following were proposed as members of the soceity Mr Hawke , Mr Meade, Mr. Peters, Mr Donovon, Mr Hayes, Mr Keary, Mr Foster. 

Read letter from the secetary of the Dairy School announcing that Kevin Derry Lane had been appointed a member of the committee.