1888 General Committee Meeting Minutes (March 3rd)

 Sat, 3rd Mar, 1888

Author: Munster Agricultural Society

Credits: Munster Agricultural Society

Copyright: Munster Agricultural Society

Keywords: 1888, Minutes, General Committee

Meeting of the General Committee dated March 3rd, 1888, with A.J. Foster in the Chair


W. Knowles

R. Newman

A. Ferguson

L.A Beamish

R.H. Hayes

J. Boyce

W.H Crawford

A. Collins

P. Longfield

J. MacKensie

Mayor Barry



Mr. Richard, Dumbeacon, Cork, was proposed by Mr. W.A. Beamish and seconded by Mr. L.A Beamish as a member of the society.  

Read letter from the secretary of Cork Market trustees stating that they were willing to accept £12 as the rent of premises occupied by the society, the secretary was accordingly instructed to pay the amount. 

It was decided that the general meeting of the society be held on Saturday 17th next. 

Mr. L.A Beamish moved that the secretary be instructed to put an advertisement in the paper with a short extract from the held analysis report showing the very unfair nature of the grass seed sold in Country towns. 

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