1887 General Committee Meeting Minutes (November 5th)

 Sat, 5th Nov, 1887

Author: Munster Agricultural Society

Credits: Munster Agricultural Society

Copyright: Munster Agricultural Society

Keywords: 1887, Minutes, General Committee

Meeting of the General Committee dated September 3rd, 1887


R. Newman

Col. Sullivan

A.J. Warren

J. Jones


W.R. Meade

J.W Knowles

R. Hayes

J. Mackensie

A. Ferguson

R.D. Hare


Mr. Beamish having been proposed and seconded at a former meeting was elected member of the society. 

Mr. Beamish having Ashbourne, Glounthaune, was proposed by Mr Beamish and seconded by Mr. Meade as member of the society. 

Read letter from Mr. Flemmings asking for what steps it would be necessary for him to take in order to obtain the service of Sire york that was to stand in Dunmanway during the corning season. 

Read letter from Royal Dublin Society stating they were actively engaged in forming district committee and that full information would be proposed before the service season commended. 

Read letter from Royal Dublin Society stating that the committee of agriculture had adopted a provisional report which would be made public when it obtained the sanction of the council. 

Professor Hart red his report on the seed testing station for which on the motion of Mr. Beamish seconded by Mr. Meade he received the thanks of the meeting. 

On the motion of Mr. Beamish it was decided to hold a butter show in connection with the Cork Poultry Societys show to be held in Bantry, and the following were appointed as a sub-committee to confer with the committee of the above society on the matter Col Sullivan, Mr Sullivan, James MacKensie, A. Ferguson, Mr. Beamish. 

On the motion of Mr. Beamish seconded by Mr. Kergie Professor Hart, was authorised to send samples of grass to Mr. Harrington for analysis. 

The secretary was directed to write to Mr. Mahony and ascertain when the accounts of 1886 would be ready for audit. 
                                                                                                      W.H Barry