1887 General Committee Meeting Minutes (May 21st)

 Sat, 21st May, 1887

Author: Munster Agricultural Society

Credits: Munster Agricultural Society

Copyright: Munster Agricultural Society

Keywords: 1887, Minutes, General Committee

Meeting of the General Committee dated May 21st, 1887, with A. Ferguson Esq. in the Chair


R. Newman

L. Bogue

C. Garfit

Col. Sullivan

L.A Neamish

R.D Hare

Col. Heard

J.H Gallaway

S. French

R.E Longfield

J. Garde

A.J Holden

M. Barry

R. Baxter

J. Reid

W.H Barry

A.C Warren

J.G Hare

W. Donegan

J.A Lane

J. Kergie

R. Good

W. Ross

S. Reid

S. Hegarty

Col. Aldworth

W.H Crawford

S. Collins

The prize list as altered and amended having been considered it was on the motion of Mr Hare seconded by Mr Reid, decided to adopt the list of prizes as now submitted and issue same as soon as reply was received from Dog Dept. Committee. 

The special sub committee appointing of secretary was forwarded their names as suitable candidates for the position - David Hall, S Bogue, and A Jackey. 

The Committee added up votes for the candidates, Mr Hall received 12 votes. 
Bogue - 7 
Jackey - 3.

The chairmen decided Mr Hall be elected and informed him of his appointment and that the selection was seconded by the society. 
                                                                                             K. Sullivan