1887 General Committee Meeting Minutes (August 6th)

 Sat, 6th Aug, 1887

Author: Munster Agricultural Society

Credits: Munster Agricultural Society

Copyright: Munster Agricultural Society

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Meeting of the General Committee dated August 6th, 1887, with Dr. Sullivan in the Chair



L.A Beamish


R. Newman


W.H Barry


A.J Foster


J. Donovon

Col. Sullivan

W.A Beamish

James Bryne



J.H Gallaway

A.J Warren




W.J Donovon
Will McDonnell

Col. Heard

J. Bird

Mayor Barry
W.H Crawford

The following having been proposed at a former meeting were unanimously elected members of the society Mr. Burke, Douglas, J. Bryne, Glanmire, and B. Jones, Clonakilty. 

The secretary stated that the cost of the show was £1089.13.2 as far as certain point and the receipts of the show & special donations was £858.8.9, showing a loss on the show of £231.4.5, and a deficit over last year of £137.12 which was to be accounted for in a great measure by the fact the dog show committee contributed £27 less than last year and their entrance money was £7 less. 

Mr Donovon drew attention to the fact that the former government were giving a considerable amount of money for the improvement of horses in the country and that good hares were very badly mounted in the western part of the country. 

Mr. Beamish in the absence of Mr. Hare read letter from the Royal Dublin Society setting forth the conditions on which the premises for thoroughbred stallions were to be given and asking for some suggestions from the society as to the districts in which the horses were to stowed and also as to whether the restriction of a £200 venue valuation of a farmer applying for a nomination ought to be varied in any of such districts. 

After considerable discussion, the following resolutions were passed. 

Proposed by Mr. Meade & seconded by R. Good. That there should be no present valuation whatever but that the committee shall be recommended to give the premises to annual farmers provided that they shall produce mares of sufficient merit. 

Proposed by Mr. Meade seconded by Mr. Donovon, that the local committee shall have power to appoint more than one place in a district in which a horse is to stand should they deem it advisable. 

It was decided to recommend the following centers in which the horses were to stand, Dunmanway, Midleton, Macroom, Killarney. 

On the motion of Mr. J.Brynes, it was decided to ask Mr. Hartland to read a paper on forestry and fruit growing at the society's next meeting. 

                                                                                                         W.K. Sullivan