1887 General Committee Meeting Minutes (April 2nd)

 Sat, 2nd Apr, 1887

Author: Munster Agricultural Society

Credits: Munster Agricultural Society

Copyright: Munster Agricultural Society

Keywords: 1887, Minutes, General Committee

Meeting of the General Committee dated April 2nd, 1887, with A. Ferguson Esq. in the Chair


Col. Aldworth

F. Harrington

R. Good

J. Ahern

C. Garfit

L. Bogue

J.H Galway

J. Donovon

A.J. Foster

L. Kergie

J.G Hare

W.R Meade

W.H Barry

R.D Hare

R.H Fitzgerald

W. Roberto

L.A Neamish

A.C Warren

R.H Hayes


J. Garde

R.E Longfield

Dr Sullivan

R Newman

R Baxter

J Byrne

J Reid

Read minutes of last meeting from Mr Lane, acknowledging reciept of copy of Petition re. sale of butter substitutes and enclosing copy of bill which he had drafted on the subject also letter from Mr Newman stating to the subject. 

Read letter of 14th March from Mr Bryne acknowledging receipt of the petition and enclosing copy of bill into deed by R Paget dealing with the sale of ale. 

Read letter from E Nerry & K Healy acknowledging reciept of copies of petition and promising the subject. 

Mr L.A Neamish said he considered the subject one of the most important the society ever had to consider and stated that the Cork Butter Market had passed a very strong resolution, calling on the Irish Parliament to suggest the bill introduced by Mr Lane. 

The subject was very fully discussed many of the members present having taken part in the discussion/ It was finally decided on the motion of Mr Meade to appoint a sub-committee comprised of the following to report on the bills to a special meeting of the general committee on 16th. 

Sub Committee - ;.A Neamish, R. Foster, A. Ferguson, J Kergie, W.R Sullivan, S French, J. Bryne, W.H Barry. Mr Meade. J.G Hare.