1886 General Committee Meeting Minutes (August 7th)

 Sat, 7th Aug, 1886

Author: Munster Agricultural Society

Credits: Munster Agricultural Society

Copyright: Munster Agricultural Society

Keywords: 1886, Minutes, General Committee

Meeting of the General Committee dated August 7th, 1886, with A. Ferguson Esq. in the Chair



W.R Meade

C Garfit

J. Ahern

L.A Beamish

Col Shuldhian

A.R Newman

A.J Foster

J.H Gallvey

N. Hayes

A.C Warren

J Donovon

Mr McDonald

The following new members were elected:

L. Navy 
P.J Gallaway 
J.C Leddie 
                           Proposed by A.J Foster 

Read circular letter of 24th, from limited Irish Cattle association, Dublin, stating that a conference would be held at Mallow on Thursday, August 26th, with reference to the improper breeding of cattle throughout the country and the society to nominate delegates to attend conference. 

The question of holding a Dairy conference in Cork, 1887 having been considered and discussed, it was decided to abondon the ideas as the expenses in connection would be to heavy. 

Read letter of 7th with reference to the connection with the machinery exhibition at the Show. The points raised having them carefully considered it was decided to inform that the committee regretted they could not interfere with the awards of the judge in the section. 

                                                                                                A. Ferguson